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Financial Policy and Grant Program


Each year, Northern Sierra Endurance Training (NSET) [a non-profit organization] plans to make available the opportunity to support a limited number of community programs, projects, and/or families in need, through its charitable grant-making program. NSET will award charitable grants to projects, organizations, or families that address community needs. NSET supports organizations that go beyond direct services by demonstrating a commitment to building community as an integral part of their work. NSET will support community programs, projects, and needy families that support the following GRANT SERVING PURPOSES:

-Helping the Needy
-Natural Environment / Ecology
-Urgent Family Emergencies

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Criteria for Review

Need: Does the current need or proposed project address an important community need? Does the need or project relate directly to one or more of the grant purposes? Do similar services or projects exist in the community? If so, where does this project fit, and what are the opportunities for collaborative efforts?

Feasibility: Can the current need or project be accomplished in the manner and time frame outlined in the proposal?

Impact: Will the effort result in the impact or solutions described? Are the positive changes that occur likely to be sustained beyond the life of the project?

Capacity: Is it appropriate for the applicant organization or family to address this particular issue through this need or project? Do they have qualified staff (paid or volunteer), administration, and governance to accomplish the work? Are they committed to the project?

Resources: Is the proposed budget for this need or project realistic? Are other potential funding sources being approached? Is it likely that the other funding can be secured? Can the project be supported in the future through other sources of revenue?

Scope of Funding: NSET will consider funding requests beginning at $200. Due to the limited amount of funds, not all requests received by NSET may be funded. NSET’s projected annual grant budget is $10,000.00.

Eligibility Requirements: NSET provides grant funds for projects and to families that address needs in the Truckee Meadows community. Applicants should be in concert with NSET’s purpose as outlined in the Grant Serving Purposes. All applicants that are awarded grants must agree to provide in writing to NSET, at least one communication for general publication, describing the success and/or benefit of the grant funding investment.

Restrictions: NSET will not consider requests for:

  • Routine operating expenses
  • Religious programs or activities (churches and religious organizations may apply for support for activities that benefit the larger community but not for those which have a sectarian purpose)
  • Endowment Campaigns
  • Private Foundation’s
  • Costs related to fundraising campaigns
  • Government services, or to replace funding for which public support has been cut
  • Politically motivated activities


NSET has established a Granting Request procedure:

  1. Applicants are invited to complete a “Grant Request Form”, provided by the Financial Committee.
  2. The Financial Committee will review the request for alignment with the NSET’s grant serving purposes.
  3. The Financial Committee will notify those, which do not align, as soon as possible.
  4. Those requests, which do align, will be reviewed and a decision rendered on approval or denial, during its next scheduled meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Whom does NSET support through its granting program? The NSET provides grants to 501(c)3 organizations and other causes that align with NSET grant serving purposes. Cases of Families in immediate need due to catastrophic occurrence or extreme medical difficulty will be dealt with immediately, and if necessary action will be effected by the Executive Board via a telephone conference.

Do you fund outside the Northern Nevada area? Yes, however we are primarily focused on granting that directly impacts the Northern Sierra and/or the community of Northern Nevada. The location of the grant requester can be outside this area but the use of funding must usually be in Northern Nevada and Sierras.

What are the chances of being funded? Our approach to grant making is focused and strategic; each opportunity must identify a specific set of goals and objectives that support NSET’s granting purposes. If you intend to apply for support, you should study our guidelines carefully to determine whether your opportunity clearly fits within the range of activities we support. If there is not a clear fit, it is unlikely that your opportunity will be funded. The amount of money available and the strength of the various requests are both significant factors that impact any grant requests chances of being funded.

May an organization receive more than one grant in a granting period? Yes.

What are the NSET’s criteria for funding television and other media content? Only if the content and use of the media is primarily dedicated to the advancement of our specific grant purposes.

Does the Financial Committee have discretionary grant funding available? No, all rapid requests for small grants are approved by NSET’s Executive Committee.

What size grants does the NSET consider? We consider grant requests starting at $200.

How long does it take to receive a response once I have submitted a Letter of Intent for a Grant Request? We will respond to you as soon as possible and let you know if your opportunity aligns with the NSET’s granting purposes and your need to complete a Grant Application.

Does the NSET Granting Program support not-for-profit event sponsorships or other general fundraising venues? No. Our Granting Program is designed to support specific programs or events that support our described purposes. We do not grant money for another organization’s general fundraising program. We also do not make grants to an organization that is raising money for another organizations purpose. We only grant money to the end user organizations or needy families.

View Grant Application (Fill-in PDF)

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