Northern Sierra Endurance Training’s goal is to encourage people to exercise for fun and fitness through walking or running.

You are welcome at any of our workouts. Please bring a completed waiver to your first workout.
You can get the release waiver from here.

NSET Responsibilities

  • Prepare training schedules for all running & walking participants.
  • Provide training seminars:
    1. How to use your training schedule.
    2. Running and walking techniques.
    3. Physical therapy and injury prevention.
    4. Workout gear and equipment.
    5. Nutrition.
    6. Event preparation.
  • Prepare workout courses for every Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Lead workouts every Tuesday and every other Saturday.
  • Provide aid stations when workout distances exceed 10 miles or as conditions warrant.

Participants Responsibilities

  • Identify to NSET the event for which one is training.
  • Make all travel arrangements for their event of choice.
  • Handle all registration requirements for their event of choice.
  • Be medically cleared to train for their event of choice.
  • Advise any coach or training assistant of any potential injury, discomfort, or medical condition.
  • Carry water or fluid replacement on all workouts exceeding 5 miles.
  • Maintain training mileage, participate in NSET workouts as often as possible [not mandatory], and advise a coach or training assistant of their training needs.
  • Sign an NSET participant waiver.

Event of choice should be from the current NSET list of events training schedule.
Training with NSET does not require a participant to train for a specific event,
but a specific goal will enable NSET to provide a training schedule.

Mutual Goals

To achieve and maintain a healthy life style through endurance training and in the
process achieve personal bests whenever possible.

Equality Policy

The Northern Sierra Endurance Training organization is dedicated to creating an
environment which is free of discrimination and where all participants, volunteers,
board members and employees are afforded the opportunity to develop, perform and
advance to their maximum potential without regard to race, national origin, color,
sex, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.