Valentine Pisarski “Ski” — Running Coach

Completed 110 marathons, including 17 Boston’s, 20 California Internationals,
24 Napa Valley’s, 1 Ultramarathon, and over 300 other shorter events. Twice
President of the Silver State Striders, as well as Open Board Member 8 years, Vice
President/Race Events Coordinator 3 years, Membership Director 2 years, and Event
Coordinator of the Silver State Marathon Events for 12 years, currently on Course
Presentation Committee of Napa Valley Marathon, past Race Director of Journal Jog
for 5 years, and past Race Director of more than 30 other local events. Coaching
marathon runners since 1986. Certified Marathon Coach by the Jack Daniels Marathon
Seminar Program and Advanced Program. Coached 29 Teams for LLS in Reno beginning
in August 1995. Published Author and Presenter on the Napa Valley Marathon. Head
Coach of Northern Sierra Endurance Training.

Coach ski runs his 100th marathon!

      Bib 100, only .2 miles left to finish 100th marathon at Napa, March 2004.

Personal Best [PB] Running Times: Marathon 3:01, Half Marathon 1:23, 20K 1:20:04,
10 Mile 63:30, 10K 37:53, Journal Jog 31:51, and 5K 18:48.

Retired Air Traffic Controller, Retired Lieutenant Colonel US Army, Retired Accountant,
Real Estate Developer and Investor, and very happily married to Toni Belaustegui,
Run/Walk Coach NSET. They love to travel, especially to New Zealand.

Goals [Running will help me achieve]: Run for a long time to stay healthy and be
able to eat and drink what I want. Stay in shape to continue to hike, snowshoe,
and ride the bicycle. Help get as many people off the couch and out the door
as possible—thus co-founder of NSET.

Philosophy: Think Positive and Keep Smiling!
Last Updated 12/15/2009


Toni Belaustegui — Run/Walkers Coach

Run/Walkers Coach and the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Northern Sierra
Endurance Training. Past President, Treasurer, and Open Board Member of the Silver
State Striders. Certified coach by Jack Daniels Seminar Series. Assistant coach
for 10 years of TNT program. Chairman of picnic committee of Silver State Marathon.
Winner of the San Luis Obispo Red Cross Marathon, Lake Tahoe Marathon, and Sacramento
Marathon. Winner of numerous ultramarathons including Silver State 50K, Silver State
50 Miler, Cool Canyon Crawl, Paul Reese 100 K, and 24 hour Track Race. Winner of
the masters women and overall 3rd place woman of Western States 100 Miler. National
overall record holder of the 12 hour track record and master record holder for the
24 hour, 50 mile, and 100 mile track records.

Personal: Born and raised in Reno. Graduated Phi Beta Kappa in math from University
of Oregon, with honors from University of the Pacific Dental School. First woman
dentist in Reno. Mother of 3 daughters, grandmother of 3. Married to Head Coach
and running companion Ski. Extensive studies in Physiology and Nutrition.


Eric Beye — Advanced Workout Running Coach

Advanced running workout coach for Northern Sierra Endurance Training.

Roy Bymers — Walking Coach

Walking coach for Northern Sierra Endurance Training.

Dave Fish — Triathlon and Bicycling Coach


Clarisse Mayer — Running Coach


      CIM, December 2008

Clarisse has completed 12 marathons including one Boston, and many half marathons
and 10K’s. She has also completed two 50K ultra-marathon events, three 30K events,
6 century [100 mile] bike rides, 3 half ironman triathlons, and most challenging,
one Ironman Triathlon (Couer d’Alene 2005). In 2006, Clarisse completed 4 of the
5 Rock and Roll Running Events in the USA. She will be running her second Boston
Marathon in 2009.

Clarisse was involved with Reno TNT beginning in 2003 when she first completed the
San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon, then became a mentor in 2003, and took the roll
of lead mentor for the marathon teams in 2004. She has also mentored the TNT bike
team twice and has fundraised 5 times for different teams. She is also one of 6
TNT Triple Crown holders [meaning she has fundraised and completed the Marathon,
100 Mile Bicycle Ride, and Triathlon] with the Reno TNT Team. In 2008, Clarisse
began coaching for NSET and is a member of the NSET Board of Directors.

Personal: Clarisse has a master’s degree in Elementary Education and teaches fourth
grade in south Reno. She has a wonderful yellow lab named Irish. Clarisse loves
to travel and has been to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Ireland,
as well as many different places in the US. You can say the young lady rocks and
runs around the world.