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From 2015

November 7, 2015:
NIAA regional and statewide cross country championships

Northern Sierra Endurance Training’s President Jim Harvey and Board Member Jennifer Rains present a $5,000 check to Bart Thompson, the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association Executive Director. NSET continues to support and underwrite high school and collegiate track and field events annually. The 2015 NIAA regional and statewide cross country championships were held at Rancho San Rafael in Reno.

October 20, 2015:
This week NSET is granting the University of Nevada Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field team $5,000! Wow!!!! Well, we’re not done yet!! November 7th at the State High Cross Country will be granting the NIAA another $5,000. Again, a huge thanks to everyone that volunteered at our annual Wine and Beer Tasting event or were able to attend. This year’s event was our most successful yet.

June 14, 2015:
Did you know that in 2015 NSET awarded over $18,000 in grants to the local community? We raise most of our funds through our annual wine tasting event.

April 20, 2015:
Congrats to everyone that ran Boston! Great job! Enjoy some rest and relaxation.

From 2014

November 9, 2014:

University of Nevada Women's Cross Country and Track & Field Teams

NSET Has presented $5000 grants to the NIAA and the Nevada Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field Team in the past 10 days, and will be presenting a $1500 grant to Girls On The Run-Sierras at their Bartley Ranch Run for the Girls on Sunday November 16th. We accept donations year round and 100% of all funds NSET collects through donations and fundraisers go back to the Northern Sierra Community’s youth athletic programs or needy families.

Girls on the Run-Sierras

November 3, 2014:
A huge thank you to the 40 volunteers that helped out this past Nevada Day/Halloween at the Northern Regional HS Championship Cross Country Meet. The event was a great success as everyone did a superb job.

October 2, 2014:
Our 7th Annual NSET Burgundy and Gold Wine Tasting and Silent Auction fundraiser was held on Friday September 19th. In summary we netted a profit of $12,719. Many thanks to all that attended, donated and/or volunteered. We did add Beer this year, and it appears to have been quite successful. Thus next year it will be a Wine and Beer Tasting.

At the conclusion of our 7th year in existence NSET will have provided over $102,000.00 in grants to running and youth athletic programs, small local non-profits, and families in need of assistance due to various hardships. All of these grants were provided to members or groups in the local Northern Sierra area, and it was all done with no significant overhead.

From 2013

November 1, 2013:
Final fundraiser totals from the 6th Annual Burgundy and Gold Wine Tasting and Silent Auction were a net of $12,383. NSET Board of Directors approved $18,500 in grants for the upcoming year. Thanks to everyone for your participation and volunteer efforts.

October 30, 2013:

Girls on the Run - GOTR

A $1,500 Grant was presented to Girls on the Run-Smithridge STEM Academy on October 28, 2013. Accepting was Danielle Rees and Sara Holm along with several GOTR participants. This is the 3rd Grant that NSET has presented to GOTR, now totaling $3,500 in the past three years.

From 2012

October 26, 2012:

NIAA - Northern Nevada Regional High School Cross Country Championships

NSET presents a $5,000 grant to the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association to conduct the Northern Nevada Regional High School Cross Country Championships at Rancho San Rafael park.

From 2011

September 17, 2011:
4th Annual NSET Wine Tasting Fundraiser

4th Annual Burgundy & Gold Wine Tasting & Silent Auction was very successful. Thank you to all that attended, purchased or sold tickets, donated or purchased silent auction items, and to our tremendous volunteers for everything that they contributed. We raised nearly $12,000 on September 17th.

Grant allocations of $12,700 were approved as follows:

  • $4400 to NIAA-Northern Nevada and State of Nevada High School Championship Cross Country Meets
  • $4000 to The Solace Tree
  • $1300 to AMBUCS
  • $2000 Needy families support throughout the year
  • $1000 Elementary School Program Support

Support local nonprofits
Support local nonprofits
Christy says the $1300 check delivery to AMBUCS was a success! The 2 boys on the left in the picture just got their new AmTryke bikes from our donations. The girl on the right, Shelby, has had hers awhile. She won’t ever be able to walk but can really move on her bike. This really goes to show how much these bikes help build mobility and independence. It was such a joy to see them smile on their bikes.

This year NSET provided a check for $4000 to Support local nonprofitsfor the grieving and underprivileged of our community.

May 21, 2011:

Support local nonprofits
Coach Ski presenting a $1000 check at Eclipse Pizza for Baby Issac.
For more information about Baby Issac, see Facebook at: Help Baby Isaac

From 2010

The 3rd Annual NSET Wine Tasting Fundraiser was a success!

In one night we made a tremendous impact for kids and families in our community.
The wine tasting event gave non-profits like The Solace Tree, My Hometown Heroes,
Project Walkabout, and 5 additional families the funds to help others in need or
to just help. This year the fundraiser raised over $14,000! Thank you to all the
volunteers, participants, silent auction donations, and other contributors to make
this event a huge success.

This year NSET provided a check for $6000 to
Support local nonprofits

for the grieving and underprivileged of our community.


The results of the 3rd Annual Burgundy & Gold Wine Tasting & Silent Auction totaled a net profit of $14,450.19. The NSET Board of Directors decided to approve $15,000 in grants. Grant allocations were approved as follows:

  • $6000 to The Solace Tree
  • $2500 to My Hometown Heroes [pending 501c3 approval]
  • $1000 to Friends of Project Walk About
  • $1000 to Bernice Matthews ES Soccer
  • $1000 to Smithridge Elementary School to start a Girls on the Run program
  • $1000 to Timothy Hall Family
  • $500 to Sierra Nevada Youth Water Polo
  • $500 to Josh & Kelley Cohenour Family
  • $1500 allocated to help three other families with extensive medical related needs

From 2009

Over 60 NSET Finishers at CIM & Las Vegas

There were 38 CIM finishers, 8 Las Vegas Marathon finishers, and 13 Las Vegas Half Marathon finishers in December 2009 from NSET! In November, NSET also had 4 finishers at the NYC Marathon. Congratulations to all of the finishers for your achievements!

2009 CIM Photos

2009 NYC Marathon Photos

2009 CIM Photos

NSET Grants and Fundraising

As a testimony to the power of individuals coming together, we were able to make $11,000 in local grants after the September 2009 wine tasting event. Terry “Sully” Sullivan did a great job of coordinating all of our volunteers, so everyone could do what needed to get done.

This year NSET has provided $8000 to Support local nonprofits
for the grieving and underprivileged of our community. Click here to read the thank you letter from the Executive Director of The Solace Tree.

NSET approved and issued three grants of $1000 to:

  1. Jesse Eligio and Family: Jesse was struck by a car and bound to a wheelchair. Our community has rallied around Jesse to make sure his family feels supported while coping with this life altering event. Click here to read a thank you note from Carrie Zabel, Jesse’s teacher who has organized the efforts to help the Eligio Family.
  2. Ramona McClure and Family: Ramona McClure has bravely been fighting breast cancer and her family needed a little help. We’re happy to be here to provide what we can to local families with the means to keep fighting. Click here to read Ramona’s touching thank you note.
  3. Brad Zugel and Family: We’ve been lucky to meet Brad Zugel and his family at one of our events. Brad’s bravery against leukemia is an inspiration to us all and he reminds us why NSET is more than just a running group. NSET makes a difference in our outlook on life, individually and as a group. Together we accomplish wonderful things. Click to see thank you cards: first card, second card.

Workout Photos

Join us for a run

NSET runners starting a Saturday morning workout.

Join us for walking

NSET walkers heading out.

NSET Grants and Fundraising

NSET approved and issued three grants of $1000 in March 2009, as Walmart Gift Cards
to be used toward gas and groceries for: 

  1. The family of Bradley Zugel. Bradley is an 11 year old with Leukemia. His father
    is a long time teacher here in Reno and they are having to travel to Oakland for
    treatments frequently.
  2. The family of Melony Michaud. Melony has run with many members of TNT. She was a
    mentor for TNT and has contributed to NSET fundraisers. Last Spring she found a
    mass in her abdomen and has since had 3 unsuccessful surgeries and has completed
    radiation treatment. She continues to have to drive to Stanford Medical Center for
  3. The National Foundation for Implants in the name of Cathy Brindos. Money contributed
    to this fund will be matched by an anonymous donor – making our gift go further.
    Cathy is the sister in law of Cheri Wulforst. Cathy was diagnosed with a rare and
    debilitating type of Pulmonary Hypertension and needs a double lung transplant.
    The cost of her transplant, even after insurance will cost over $200,000. Cheri
    is a participant of NSET who contributed to the success of many fundraisers.


NSET Finishers of the 2009 Boston Marathon

Impressively enough as it is to qualify for the Boston Marathon, there were 20 finishers of the Boston Marathon this year from NSET! Some of the runners ran PRs at Boston, which isn’t easy to do. Suzi even placed third in her age group at the Boston Marathon this year. Congratulations!

Boston Photos

NSET 2009 Boston Marathon Team

NSET 2009 Boston Marathon Group


From 2008

NSET Grants and Fundraising

NSET provided a $5000 grant to The Children’s Cabinet of Reno from your donations at our September 2008 Wine Tasting and Silent Auction!


NSET Finishers in the Boston Marathon, April 21, 2008

  • Sara Holm- 3:51:28
  • Evelise Brozowski- 4:16:04
  • Ashley Hall- 3:35:39
  • Stephanie Wilch- 3:59:04
  • Jim Harvey- 3:11:26
  • Suzi Harvey- 3:08:13
  • Dan Brush- 3:39:49
  • Cindy Wilch- 3:59:04
  • Daryn Carns- 4:18:59
  • Cynthia Walker- 3:24:00
NSET Photos
NSET 2008 Boston Marathon team

NSET 2008 Boston Marathon group