NSET Shirt Printing

NSET Logo: On your own shirt — $5 per print for shirt printing

You provide a shirt of your choice. The printing will be a light gray or silver
color, so avoid gray colored shirts.

Your shirt can be a t-shirt, tank top, or long sleeve shirt as long as the logo
fits on it.

The logo requires an area of: 3 inches (high) x 8 inches (wide).

Please safety pin a note on your shirt to specify printing the front($5), back($5),
or both($10) sides.

NSET running group logoNSET running group logoNSET running group logoNSET running group logo
NSET running group logo
Coordinate with Coach Ski, Coach Roy, or Suzi Harvey for details.

NSET Merchandise For Sale


Gold colored Patagonia Capilene 1 shirts w/ Burgundy NSET Printing

Shirts available in both Men’s and Women’s sizing.
Please see Diane Klund to make an arrangement to purchase.

NSET merchandise below can be purchased
from Coach Ski either by check made out to NSET, or cash.
Gold NSET on Maroon Long Sleeve Coolmax Shirts — $30
Qty: 4 — Ladies Small
Qty: 1 — Ladies Medium
Qty: 1 — Ladies XL 

Qty: 1 — Men’s XS
Qty: 2 — Men’s XL
Qty: 2 — Men’s 2XL

Ladies Nike Black w/white Stripes and Gold NSET Embroidered — $30

Qty: 5 — Ladies Small


White Asics Short Sleeve Coolmax Shirts w/NSET Logo on Front and Back

Qty: 4 — Men’s Medium
Qty: 17 — Men’s Large

Stainless Steel/Copper outer Hot Liquid Straight Up Travel Cup w/NSET Logo
— $20

Qty: 15 — Copper Straight Up Hot Cups (16 Ounce)